bacon pancake with syrup

Bacon pancake with syrup

this savoury bacon pancake with syrup is made in minutes and can be used as a breakfast or meal. Or after a walk in stormy weather outside.
bacon pancake with syrup
bacon pancake with syrup

I made and published this bacon pancake with syrup for the first time back in 2007. This was on my at the time brand new blog on iWeb from Apple. This ceased to exist in 2012 or so. Then I migrated to WordPress to, the Dutch version of Meanwhile the article was completely outdated and I decided to remake it, both in Dutch and in English.

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It is very long ago, but I still remember that I had this savory bacon pancake with syrup for the first time in a pub, after we ran a half marathon. It was the perfect gastronomic compensation for the physical exercise I had before. I loved it so much that I remade it at home. It was even the sixth recipe I posted at the time on my Dutch blog.

For some reason I am again in love with savory dishes at the moment. The last recipe I published were savory potato waffles with figs and plum compote. I guess this will also become an evergreen with many variations!

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Tasty and surprising, but also easy of course. That is how we like our recipes on You can find many more ideas for surprising.pancakes:

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  • flensjes: a family recipe for pancakes with pudding. I donĀ“t have it in English yet, but you can check the Dutch version.
  • Blini: these are Russian pancakes with yeast and buckwheat. You can make them as a starter or for lunch.
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If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on

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