Royal Boch On-Line collection

Royal Boch On-Line collection

The dishes of surprising recipes

Many of the recipes on surprising recipes are presented on typical stylish plates with a black stripe. This is the On-Line collection by Royal Boch designed by the Antwerp architect bOb Van Reeth (see below). I am a big fan of the sleek design, ingenious in its simplicity. This is exactly the way I like to cook: simple and surprising

You can find everything on the internet. But the this collection is a big exception. A single photo on Pinterest, and an article from 2009 in trends (a Belgian magazine), that was about it. If you don’t find it, create it. I decided to make a “fan page” myself.

  • Dutch mini buckwheat pancakes with banana and blueberries
  • Fiskasúpa - Icelandic fish soup
  • Mexican style chocolate chicken
  • smoked chicken with avocado
  • asparagus strawberry salad
  • Kaiserschmarrn
  • poultry liver with potato pancakes
  • turnip cabbage with carrots and sausages
  • breaded asparagus
  • stuffed eggplant with minced poultry
  • Pangasius fillet in tomato-saffron sauce
  • Minestrone meal soup
  • potato-egg salad
  • Linguini alla puttanesca
  • delicious filled pumpkin
  • Tuscan linguine with scallops and spinach cream
  • American ricotta-lemon pancakes with buttermilk
  • smoked salmon blinis with with an apple sour cream topping
  • vegetarian gnocchi with yellow bell pepper

Royal Boch

Royal Boch is a Belgian manufacturer of pottery (“faience”) with a tradition going back to 1841. The company had a number of up and downs in its long history, resulting in a restart in 2009. Here you can find more information:

  • Royal Boch On-Line collection
  • Royal Boch On-Line collection
  • Royal Boch On-Line collection
  • Royal Boch On-Line collection
  • Royal Boch On-Line collection
  • Royal Boch On-Line collection
  • Royal Boch On-Line collection
  • Royal Boch On-Line collection

Royal Boch On-Line collection

The collection based on the design of the Antwerp architect Bob Van Reeth was a stylish exception in the company’s more classic designs. The goal was to appeal to a new and younger audience with this minimalist design. Based on the information I found, I suspect that this has been a limited success. Perhaps this can be a new start here ;-). I would love to see it happen!

Probably I bought the collection back in 2006, according to the price list that you can see below. Now that I see the prices I am quite surprised. The collection was quite expensive and meanwhile for sure collectors items 😉

Royal Boch On-Line collection
Royal Boch On-Line collection

If you want information about this collection, have information yourself or know where any missing parts can be found (I don’t have the complete collection), can always contact me. It will be a pleasure for me to complete this page and offer any further information on this collection.

About Bob Van Reeth

The design for the On-line collection comes from the Antwerp architect Bob Van Reeth. He usually works under the artist name bOb Van Reeth. In 1981 he founded the AWG architects group with a number of colleagues. Among his best-known works are the “Huis Van Roosmalen” and the “Zuiderterras“, with which he initiated a modernisation of the skyline on the Scheldt in Antwerp. His design for the Royal Boch dinnerware was a one-off but very interesting project.

Some of my favorite recipes presented on the plates designed by Bob Van Reeth:

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