Belgian tandoori waffles in red and white

Belgian red tandoori waffles

An exciting (delicious) combination of Belgian and Indian cuisine: Belgian red tandoori waffles are really unique! Taste them and love them!
red and white tandoori waffles
red and white tandoori waffles

Here we have something completely different: bright red waffles. Why is this so surprising, I hear you ask. You just have to add some red food coloring to the dough. This is an option of course. But on we like to try out non-obvious combinations. And don’t tandoori herbs also give an intensive red color? So the idea for these Belgian red tandoori waffles was born. I think they are the best anyway! But what exactly is tandoori? We will explain that below the recipe.

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About Belgian red tandoori waffles

The basis for this recipe are classic Brussels waffles. I always use a 3 to 2 ratio for liquid and flour. In this case I composed the liquid 50/50 from milk and water.

If you have small eggs, you can also use 2 eggs. One and a half eggs is quite a messy measurement.

The tandoori spices are a phenomenon. Mix them under the flour and you will see almost nothing of it. Add liquid to it, and everything suddenly turns bright red.

This is about the amount for 8 large waffles. If you have a smaller waffle iron, you will also have more waffles.

About tandoori spices

But what exactly are tandoori herbs? And isn’t your whole mouth on fire when you eat these waffles? With regard to the latter, I can immediately reassure you. Tandoori spices give flavor and color, but are not spicy. Extinguishing works will therefore not be necessary during and after eating.

Tandoori is an Indian spice mixture that is used in many dishes and marinades. The red chicken tandoori from the Indian restaurant is probably the most famous. The name does not come from the spices but from the oven: the tandoor. This is a traditional Indian clay oven in which the food is prepared vertically. Due to the isolating effect of the clay and the round shape, very high temperatures are reached. This ensures that the chicken is cooked quickly and that the moisture does not have time to escape. The result is quick cooking and buttery soft meat (with a red color). By the way, naan, the Indian bread, is traditionally also made in such a clay oven.

But what exactly does tandoori consist of, and can you make it yourself?

There are as many tandoori mixes as there are chefs in India. And that’s quite a lot! So there is no standard recipe, but everyone makes their own variations. Usually based on the same herbs.

You can make it yourself easy and buy the red tandoori herbs in the next supermarket. But you can also make them yourself. The traditional basic ingredients are cumin, coriander seeds, ginger, cloves, paprika, nutmeg, (cayenne) pepper, cinnamon, chili, salt.

Are you interested in making a tandoori mixture yourself? Here are some recipes for making tandoori at home:

More surprising.waffles

I have two waffle irons. So that means they are regularly on the menu. Some other surprising table recipes are:

More red waffles

To my knowledge, I am the first to to make waffles with tandoori spices. But you can find other recipes for red waffles. Here are some interesting examples:

Do you have more interesting red waffle recipes? Do not hesitate and send them to me. I will be happy to add them!

If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on

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