stuffed zucchini with Greek pasta

Greek-style stuffed zucchini

These Greek-style stuffed zucchini are tasty and healthy. And above, in this article, you’ll learn all about Orzo, the Greek pasta.
Greek style stuffed zucchini
Greek style stuffed zucchini

This Greek-style stuffed zucchini is a recipe from the very early days of I published the first version already on June 16, 2007. With bad photos, without recipe card and also without additional explanation. A remake was therefore more than necessary. And a translation in English of course. You will find more detailed instructions below the recipe. And some more information on orzo. This is the Greek pasta that looks like rice.

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About Greek-style stuffed zucchini

These Greek-style stuffed zucchini is not really difficult to make. But it does contain different components and so you have to coordinate the steps for making it.

I always start with the water to cook the zucchini. Then I finely chop the onion and garlic. That way we have already finished cutting the vegetables. I bake them in oil for a few minutes. Then I add the minced meat to it.

When the zucchini are ready, I take them out of the boiling water and let them cool down a bit. Meanwhile, I let the orzo cook in the same cooking water. When the zucchini have cooled down, I hollow them out with a teaspoon. I finely chop the parts that I remove. Then I mix it back into the meat.

Now it is time to turn on the oven for preheating. Place the zucchini in the oven dish and then fill with the minced meat. Also put a good amount of grated cheese on top. A good tip: also put some grated cheese next to the zucchini. It then melts into a delicious cheese biscuit. You can use it for decorating your plate before serving.

While the zucchini are in the oven, you can prepare the béchamel sauce. However, this is an optional step. If you think this is too much work, you can leave it alone. I use it to fix the zucchini, so that it does not roll over.

Finally, mix the orzo with the leftover minced meat and diced tomatoes. I then arrange the stuffed zucchini on top of the cheddar béchamel sauce. I put some of the crispy cheese biscuits on top of them. Left and right I flank this with the Greek pasta.

about orzo

When you think of pasta, you immediately think of Italy. But orzo comes from Greece and is also called Greek pasta in our regions. Also further east, in Turkey and Arabia, this pasta in rice form is widely used. In Greece itself it is known as Kritharaki. In other countries the name risoni (or similar) is also often used.

The basis for orzo is barley, and it is shaped like medium-sized grains of rice. That is why it is often called Greek rice. You can also prepare it like rice, but with a ratio of 3 units of water to 1 unit of orzo.

More surprising.orzo

I love orzo. You can use it in pasta dishes , salads, as well as in rice dishes. You can even use it in a risotto. Some examples on

More information about orzo

If you are interested in reading more about orzo, you may have a look at the following articles:

If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on

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