easy zucchini summer lunch with cheddar-yolk

Summer zucchini lunch with cheddar-yolk sauce

A Mediterranean inspiration for hot summer days. This summer zucchini lunch with cheddar-yolk sauce is ready in less than 30 minutes.
zucchini penne with cheddar-yolk
zucchini penne with cheddar-yolk

The heat is on. So we stick to deliciously simple lunches that suit the summer weather. This summer zucchini lunch with cheddar-yolk sauce is ready in less than half an hour. In this hot weather you should not sweat any longer in the kitchen. This is a very simple, straightforward and classic lunch. But the surprise of the chef is of course in the cheddar egg-yolk sauce. You can use it as a special alternative to mayonnaise.

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Variations on summer zucchini lunch with cheddar-yolk sauce


As indicated before, you can also bind this recipe and season it with mayonnaise. You can find a simple recipe that never fails in the article Mahonnaise, the origin of mayonnaise. We’ll talk about the cheddar-yolk sauce later.

Vegetarian variants

Even if you don’t eat meat, you can still make this lunch very tasty. For example, think of feta and some cherry tomatoes. Or why not boiled beans? In the fish direction, smoked mackerel is also a tasty alternative.

From ham to bacon

There are countless types of meat that you can use in this pasta. In this case I used cooked ham, because I wanted to minimize the work. Alternatively, you can also use bacon or bacon cubes. Then it is a bit crispier, and you have a bit more crunch. But baking it is an extra step, and in this weather the ambition for that was very limited.

About Cheddar

Why using Cheddar, an typical English cheese, in a fairly Mediterranean lunch? Well, Cheddar is more Mediterranean than you might think. It is produced in Somerset, south of Bristol in the southwest of England. This region is also called the English Riviera, because of the surprisingly mild climate.

The spicy taste of this well-known orange cheese is created during the two-year ripening process. Cheddar can be a deep to pale yellow (off-white) color, or a yellow-orange color when certain plant extracts are added, such as beet juice. One commonly used spice is annatto, extracted from seeds of the tropical achiote tree. Originally added to simulate the color of high-quality milk from grass-fed Jersey and Guernsey cows, annatto may also impart a sweet, nutty flavor.

About the cheddar-yolk sauce

Zucchini is not exactly the best flavor carrier in the world. So we could use something else to add some character to this summer zucchini lunch with cheddar-yolk sauce. Cheddar, on the other hand, brings a lot of flavor through the long ripening process. That is why it is the ideal addition to this lunch.

The egg yolk is the adhesive, which ensures that the sauce adheres to the other ingredients. A few tablespoons of cooking water from the penne complete the sauce. It also contains some starch from cooking, and ensures that the sauce becomes smooth and the cheddar already melts halfway. I wouldn’t add salt anymore, but pepper is always okay.

More surprising.summerlunch

Summers are getting longer and we urgently need more variety in light lunches that still taste well in these tropical temperatures. Here you will find more ideas:

If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on gerechtenweb.blog.

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