easy summer lunch with chicken and croutons

Summer lunch with chicken and croutons

This easy summer lunch with chicken and croutons is ready in 30 minutes. The easy and healthy solution for hot summer days!
summer lunch with chicken and croutons
summer lunch with chicken and croutons

This light and healthy lunch is perfect for hot midsummer days. Do you still need an additional reason to eat this easy summer lunch with chicken and croutons? Well, it is ready in half an hour time! With this weather you don’t want to sweat half a day in the kitchen. In 30 minutes this quick and healthy lunch is ready. Then it is time to go outside and enjoy the weather.

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Details for this summer lunch with chicken and croutons

The chicken

I used chicken strips here for the simple reason that they were on sale. Of course you can also take a chicken breast and do the cutting yourself. The advantage is that you can make the pieces as large or as small as you want. Also chicken legs work perfectly well with this salad.

For the vegetarians

People following a vegetarian diet can replace the chicken with tofu, which must also be fried and seasoned well. Alternatively, you can use Mozzarella or feta.

The brown rice

Here again: not a law but an option. You can also use plain rice. I like to eat brown rice because I think it brings a bit more flavor and it is healthier. You have to take into account that it has to boil longer than plain rice.

The pine nuts

Pine nuts are a great way to flavor a dish. Especially if you have roasted them. Alternatively, you can also roast a few cashew nuts and use them for this recipe. Especially if you are making a vegetarian version, it might be a good option to go bigger on nuts.

the croutons

Never ever buy prepared croutons in the store! Making them yourself is very easy and much more fun. Of course you do not need to buy special toast bread if you would never use it otherwise. Plain white bread, or another light type of bread, will work just as well.

Mandatory: no croutons without garlic and olive oil. I bake the bread crumb in garlic and olive oil. This is essential to call the Mediterranean.

The arugula salad

I like arugula salad because it has an intense taste. Would you rather use a different salad, or a store-bought mix? No problem, go ahead!

I seasoned the salad with some lemon juice, olive oil and pepper. But feel free to make your own dressing!

The mayonnaise

Some people may not like mayo at all, but I really do like something a little more creamy. That’s why I made a sauce based on mayonnaise. I seasoned it with ketchup and some white wine vinegar. Don’t be afraid to make your mayo yourself: Mahonnaise – the origin of mayonnaise, contains a super easy recipe that will always work!

About brown rice

Brown rice is not a separate type of rice, but a different preparation of traditional rice. With brown rice, only the outer layer of the grain is removed. Whereas for white rice, all layers are removed until only the white grain with starch remains.

The taste is milder and tends a bit in the direction of nuts. Since brown rice has an extra layer compared to regular rice, it is also more nutritious and healthier. Perhaps the only disadvantage is that it does not have a long shelf life. Because it contains more perishable substances you cannot keep it as long as plain rice. But it is made for eating, not for keeping. So that should not be the problem!

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