sweet and sour square pork meat

Sweet and sour pork squares

These sweet and sour pork squares are so easy to make. No need to have it delivered: it is faster and more tasty when you make them yourself.
square sweet and sour pork
square sweet and sour pork

These sweet and sour pork squares bring up many childhood memories for me. The first time we went to the restaurant with the family was to “the Chinese”. And sweet and sour pork was and still is the favorite of my dad. And although he likes to have this delivered by the local Chinese restaurant, I am of course happy to prepare it myself. Not surprisingly, it was already in 2010, January 24 to be exact, that I first published version 1 of this recipe. As I am remaking and restyling old recipes, this is my version 2.0 anno 2021.

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About sweet and sour pork squares

You’re probably wondering “why squared?” Well, it’s actually very simple. All ingredients are cut into more or less square pieces. Both the pork and the peppers and the pineapple. I therefore wanted to include this quadratic element in the title of the recipe. I hope it sparks some interest. Now you may notice that the rice is not in a square… So did I when I wrote the recipe. That will be something for version 2.x

I used minute steaks for this recipe. In my first version it was still pork roulade. You can use both. Most important is to use very thin pieces of pork. Because I fry them briefly and at a high temperature.

If you don’t want to open a bottle of white wine right away, you can also use some vinegar to extinguish the caramelized sugar. For example, white wine vinegar or rice vinegar. Or whatever you happen to have at home. Opening a bottle of wine is one of my favorite tasks. Then I have a reason to drink it afterwards… I would use a bit less vinegar than wine, because otherwise you risk that the taste becomes predominant.

I remember using white sugar in the first version. In the meantime, I think brown sugar fits better: it gives more flavor and also contributes to the deep red color.

I use canned pineapple and pineapple juice. If you use fresh pineapple, you can replace the pineapple juice with more stock. In that case, I would add honey for extra sweetening. Tasting recommended!

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