pickled radish

Easy and delicious pickled radishes

Brining is a very old method for preserving food. These easy and delicious pickled radishes can be kept for weeks in the refrigerator.
pickled radishes
pickled radishes

Does this sound familiar to you? You have sown radishes in your vegetable garden, and all of a sudden they are all ready for eating at the same time. Far too much to eat them all at once, even if you are creative with recipes. Then brining them is the solution you need. These easy and delicious pickled radishes can be kept for weeks in the refrigerator. And above all, they are so tasty!

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About brining

it is not so long ago that people didn’t have a refrigerator or a freezer to preserve food. So people used other methods to keep their food edible for a longer time. Meat for example, was often smoked or cured in salt. Vegetables were most often brined in vinegar. And sugar was used to preserve fruit in for example jam.

It goes without saying that these methods already exist for centuries, not to say millennia. In Europe the first traces of pickled food go back to the year 2030BC in Mesopotamia. This is the Tigris valley in the present day Iraq. In Asia, kimchi can even be traced back to 3000BC. Probably Chinese pickles were at the origin of kimchi, which was then adapted to the local taste in Korea.

Bacteria do not like acid. So submerging your food in an acidic environment will keep it safe from bacteria. For vegetables, vinegar is usually used to brine them. This is also the reason why those jars with pickles, pearl onions and so on seem to last forever. The food industry also knows this method, of course. Moreover, it is also simply delicious. Especially if you use the right seasoning.

More information about brining can be found on the following websites:

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