rum braised carrots with white sausages and mashed potatoes

rum braised not glazed carrots

rum braised not glazed carrots
rum braised not glazed carrots

I love carrots and eat them a lot! But are you also running out of creative ideas to prepare them? Then make sure you try these rum braised not glazed carrots! Read more about the “not glazed” part below the recipe. Apparently I am really into surprising.sidedishes at the moment. You may also want to check my butter baked radishes as a side dish.

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About rum braised not glazed carrots

The very first idea to pimp up my carrots with alcohol came from the Dutch foodblog “Mijn Franse keuken” (my French kitchen). But of course they didn’t use rum but French Calvados instead. This is an apple or pear brandy from the region of Normandy in France. However, I didn’t have Calvados at home. So I started thinking of alternatives with the available alcohol at home. So I ended up with rum, which is also kind of more exotic of course. As rum is made of cane sugar, I thought this would match well with the carrots’ sweetness. I also read about people using Armagnac or even Limoncello for braising carrots. I am not sure whether I would love the latter one however.

To reach the perfect carrot bite, you should boil or steam them a few minutes beforehand. I always prefer steaming because then the taste is better preserved. This will help you to have a perfectly “al dente” braised carrot.

After that you can transfer the carrots into a pan with melted butter. Coat them well on all sides and then add the rum. Turn the carrots around so then can absorb the rum flavor on all sides. Finally add the vegetable broth and let it boil of completely. Make sure your carrots don’t burn! Then finish with some melted butter and serve them hot as a side dish.

Why not glazed?

You may find many similar recipes where carrots are glazed with marmalade, sugar or honey. However this adds additional sweetness, which is way to much for me. Carrots are sweet anyway, and also the rum (or other alcoholic beverages) will add sweetness. If you then caramelize with additional sweetness, this is just too much for me. But if you like it, feel free to do this additional step of course.

And, I am pleading guilty, I have some hopes that this catchy title will create some extra attention 😉

More surprising.carrot

As I mentioned in the beginning. I love carrots and eat them a lot. But as I am bored quite fast also, I try some new approaches to carrots from time to time. You may like these ideas:

More surprising.Caribbean

Recently I made a delicious Cuban green plantain soup. This is also a very good idea to get the Caribbean in your kitchen. Healthy and tasty at the same time, and I even think some carrots would go well together with this soup.

Are you looking for more recipes using rum, except for cocktails? Then try to use your remaining rum for these delicious banana canapés. I put it long ago on my rotating appetizer list. It is an evergreen appetizer we like to make on many occasions!

If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on

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