mashed potatoes with radish green

Mashed potatoes with radish green

Never throw away the radish greens! They taste delicious and you can use them in many ways. For example in mashed potatoes with radish green.
mashed potatoes with radish green
mashed potatoes with radish green

After making my butter baked radishes, I was wondering why I would throw away the upper green parts. For sure, it must be possible to use them in one way or another. I did some research, and found a lot of potential recipe ideas! Just like with the banana peels. So I ended up eating mashed potatoes with radish green. You will find many more recipe ideas below the recipe card.

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This recipe can for sure be categorized as budget friendly. You use as well the tubers as the green parts of the radishes. Apart from that you only need mashed potatoes and white sausages. Maybe you even grow the radishes and/or the potatoes in your garden! I don’t have a garden, but I had luck in the supermarket in this case. The radishes were not so fresh anymore, but as I wanted to bake and blanch, I didn’t care too much. Then a waitress came to me and said I can have them for free, as they were about to throw them away. She gave me even the last remaining bunch additionally!

About radish green

Probably most of you throw away the green leaves of the radishes. After all you buy the tubers. At least, so did I, up to now. But these green leaves are kind of a forgotten vegetable. You can make delicious dishes with them! I even read that it was common to eat them during the second world war.

The radish tops are a bit spicy, just like the tubers when they are raw. It also tastes a bit like cabbage. They are ideal to spice up a salad! But you can also make pesto with them, soup, stir-fry them and so much more! Please share me your ideas for sharing the green radish leaves! Here are some more ideas to get inspired:

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