butter baked radishes

butter baked radish recipe

Most often radishes are eaten raw. But in this butter baked radish recipe they become surprisingly tender and juicy. Try this new side dish!
butter baked radishes
butter baked radishes

Radishes are mostly known as the early spring vegetable with the sharp bite. With this sharp pepper-like bite they fit perfectly to your salad. But did you know you can also bake them? This butter baked radish recipe tastes surprisingly tender and juicy. You can use them as a side dish, as an ingredient for a lukewarm salad or even in mashed potatoes.

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About radishes

Radishes are typical spring vegetables. These little red tubers are usually the first vegetables you can harvest from your own vegetable garden after winter. They belong to the same family as kohlrabi, broccoli and white cabbage, among others. The taste of raw radishes, however, is quite pungent, peppery. Usually they are processed in a salad. At home as a child, we used to eat them with curd cheese for breakfast or lunch.

Not everyone likes the sharp taste. And due to the pungent taste, you mostly do not eat them in large quantities. Therefore it is all the more surprising that the baked version is so different from raw radishes.

About butter baked radishes

Of course you can also bake these little red tubers. But do they also taste well? This is the real surprise when you taste them! The pungent, peppery taste is completely gone. They are tender, juicy and have a pleasant bite in the mouth. When I first heard about sauteed radishes I also had my reservations. I was so used to eating them raw, it never came to my mind to bake them. But I decided to do the test myself. But now I am completely convinced and will bring much more variation in my radish recipes. This butter baked radish recipe reminded me of parley roots, carrots, nuts, potatoes and even Brussels sprouts. I guess the fact that I sauteed them in butter and added nutmeg helped for sure with these associations.

For this recipe I made them as a stand-alone side dish and ate them with some fresh baguette. Which was delicious! I am also thinking of adding them to mashed potatoes like I did with parsley root. You can also serve them as a side dish alongside carrots or Brussels sprouts. Or you can flavor your lukewarm spring salad with some baked radishes! Some people also use them as a potato replacement in a low-carbohydrate diet.

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It is the first time I make these butter baked radishes. I found the original inspiration on the foodblog Dairy Carrie. I have a lot of inspiration for future recipes with them already. But that is the future. Check the following ideas if you want some inspriation now already:

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As mentioned before, it is the first time I go for non-raw radishes. However, if you like eating them raw, I can refer to these surprising.recipes:

If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on gerechtenweb.blog.

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