exotic coconut rice with mango

exotic coconut rice with mango

Easy, festive and perfecty preparable in advance. This exotic coconut rice with mango is the most comforting dessert for dark winter days.
exotic coconut rice with mango
exotic coconut rice with mango

The days are getting darker. And a virus reduced our social live to almost zero. Traveling is something we used to do in those days long ago. But let fantasy and dreams take over! If we can’t travel to exotic places, let’s create exotic in the kitchen! This exotic coconut rice with mango is the perfect dessert for a festive winter menu. The mango will bring the sun in your heart and the coconut milk rice will make you dream of exotic beaches!

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More info and background

The coconut rice and the mango are a perfect combination. Without the mango, it will be very sweet and one dimensional. But the mango cubes add a fruity freshness that balances in a very harmonious way. The starch of the rice ensures that you have a pudding like consistency. Moreover, the rice adds an extra bite which is pleasant in your mouth. If you want a really guilty pleasure, you may be tempted to add a dash of whipped cream.

The yellow mango makes you dream of a bright and shining sun. This contrasts with the cold and dark days outside. Coconut milk may remind you of the palm beaches you wanted to visit without restrictions. It is not the real thing. But it is about dreaming and a positive mindset you need in these depressive days.

The winter season is the best for buying mango. In this period they are cheap and taste very well. Buying mango used to be a challenge some decades ago. Or they were overripe and mash. Or they were not ripe at all and you had to put them a week aside for ripening. Most of the time I chose for this last option. But nowadays supermarkets and specialty stores will sell mangoes that are ready to eat. A big advantage if you are not well in meal planning.

I have been making this recipe in different variations over the years. Long ago, I found the first inspiration in a cookbook from Conrad Gallagher: “Take 6 ingredients” (translated into Dutch). In the original version, the coconut rice pudding is topped with a mango coulis. But personally I prefer my version with the mango cubes. It is less work (yes I am lazy). But also it mixes the fruitiness of the mango better under the coconut rice, instead of spreading it on top or putting some coconut rice pudding balls as quenelles in the coulis.

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  1. Two of my absolute favourite foods are mangos and coconut. I wonder if it would be OK to eat this hot? Like rice pudding?

    1. Thank you for your feedback! For sure you can also eat it while it is still hot or warm. For me personally it would be too sweet to eat it warm, but tastes are different. Maybe you can add less sugar if you want to eat it warm. I would be happy if you let me when you try it! Have a nice Day!

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