Cuban green plantain soup

Cuban green plantain soup

Get the Caribbean in your kitchen. This easy Cuban green plantain soup is tasty and healthy at the same time. A real surprising.soup!
Cuban green plantain soup
Cuban green plantain soup

Get the Caribbean into your kitchen! Outside it is cold and autumn. And traveling far away is not an option either, due to some virus. Then just cook with exotic ingredients in your kitchen! This simple Cuban green plantain soup is tasty , healthy and surprising. Try it and love it!

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About plantains and other bananas

Plantains are also often called cooking bananas. This refers to the method you will most probably use when making them. Like normal bananas, they are very starchy when still green and unripe. During the ripening the starch transitions into sugar. You can find more information about the ripening process for bananas in my article about banana peel curry. For using plantains, you can better think of potato recipes, but use cooking bananas instead. The taste is neutral and the starch will create the same consistency as potatoes.

In total, there are 300 different kinds of bananas. Only 20 of them can be eaten. The best known are of course the Cavendish type. These are the traditional bananas that you will find in any supermarket. Williams bananas are giant Cavendish bananas.

Much smaller are the ladyfinger bananas. They taste very mildly and are often used in snacks and kids like them a lot. In Indonesia pisang raja are very popular. They are traditionally used in fritters.

Did you know that there are also red bananas? I did not. But they look amazing and should be very sweet. Finally apple bananas are a typical fruit in Hawaï. They are very sweet and used in snacks and desserts.

You can find everything you always wanted to know about bananas in this article from thespruceeats or in the article from homestratosphere.

How to prepare plantains?

When you hold a plantain or cooking banana in your hands, you will immediately notice that the skin is very differently. It is much harder and you cannot peel it like you would normally do with a banana.

You should cut off both ends and then cut it into two or three chunks. Then slice off the skin with a knife. Then slice the fruit in parts of approximately 1 cm that you can use for further baking or cooking. You can fry them like chips in coconut oil. Or you can bake them in the oven. Did you ever think of banana fries? Try it! Or you can mash them like potatoes after cooking them. One last idea I saw on a Dutch website: make vegetarian burgers with them.

More recipes with plantains on BBCgoodfood or in Dutch.

More surprising.banana

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If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on

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