Biscoff pumpkin pie

Biscoff pumpkin pie

The perfect pie for autumn and Halloween: Biscoff pumpkin pie. The warm colors of fall for cocooning while it rains and storms outside.
Biscoff pumpkin pie
Biscoff pumpkin pie

For me, this Biscoff pumpkin pie is the ultimate recipe for autumn. Imagine how it is cold and stormy outside. The rain is hitting the windows. Inside it is warm and you have a nice afternoon with the people you love, family or friends. That is the perfect scenery to enjoy this afternoon autumn pie with a cup of coffee or tea.

This pumpkin Biscoff pie is more or less the sister of the Biscoff pear pie that I published last year. The basic recipe for the dough is the same. Only I combined the Biscoff cookies with pumpkin instead of pears.

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How to prepare the pumpkin

The most difficult and exciting task (for me) for this cake is chopping the pumpkin. First and foremost, be careful and use a good knife! That is a large and sharp. Large so that you have leverage to apply force. Sharp because otherwise you risk shooting away. And pieces of finger instead of pumpkin are not wanted! Also always keep your fingers away from the cutting direction!

Once you have cut open the pumpkin you can remove the seeds. A tip: don’t throw them away! You can roast them perfectly in the oven. After that, I cut rings and then remove the skin from the pumpkin. Finally, I cut the pumpkin into cubes.

You have several options for cooking the pumpkin cubes. I steamed them above a small bottom of water. then they retain more flavor than if you boil them in some water. Much of the flavor is then lost in the water. If you were to boil them, you should also drain them well because otherwise the puree will become too watery. Another alternative is to roast them in the oven. Then they retain even more flavor, are even drier and also get more roast aroma.

Beating the cream

To make the filling fluffy, it is important that you whip up the cream well. The filling will not rise in the oven. Otherwise you risk having a hard unfluffy filling. Equally important is of course that you carefully mix the whipped cream into the pumpkin Biscoff mixture. Carefully with the spatula you can keep the light structure and a perfect fluffy and tasty pie will be the result after baking.

I described the do’s and don’t for a perfectly beaten cream in my article for fluffy lemon curd mousse. Be sure to read the instructions there and no doubt you will have a perfectly beaten cream.

Of course there are dozens of pumpkin pie recipes. But I am in love with the Biscoff cookies, and this is really a unique combination. The original idea to make a pumpkin pie comes from a Dutch website,

If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on

More surprising.pumpkin

You are not forced to buy a small pumpkin. Or if your local grocery only sells big format pumpkins, no problem! You can make so many great dishes with pumpkin, that for sure you will find some inspirations here:

Or simply search for pumpkin on

More surprising.Biscoff

An easy biscuit for with your coffee. That is where the name of the famous Lotus Biscoff cookies comes from. Meanwhile this easy and surprising Flemish cookie has conquered the world. But you can do a lot more with them than just dipping them in your coffee. Here is some inspiration, mainly for desserts:

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