carrot jam with citrus

carrot jam with citrus

A surprising taste for breakfast: carrot jam with citrus. Perfect with feta or goat cheese on your morning cracker. Or on a scone with a dot of cream!
carrot jam with citrus on a scone with cream
carrot jam with citrus on a scone with cream

Do you want to have a different taste for breakfast? Should it be homemade and easy? Then this carrot jam with citrus is probably what you are looking for! A delicious taste that you can combine endlessly. It combines perfectly with feta or goat cheese on your morning cracker. Alternatively you can mix it with yogurt or fresh cheese. It goes also perfectly with your afternoon tea on a scone with a dot of cream.

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The origin of carrot jam

By the resemblance to marmalade, you would spontaneously suppose this must be an English recipe. They also combine perfectly on a typical English scone with a dot of cream. But as you might suppose already this carrot jam with citrus has a completely different origin.

It is indeed a typical Persian dish. If you travel in Iran you might see carrot jam quite often on your breakfast table. In Iran they will typically use cardamom seeds instead of cardamom powder. And they will also add rose water. A typical Persian version can be found on the Youtube channel of Eva’s international kitchen.

My version of carrot jam

In my version I didn’t use water, but went fully into citrus fruits. I used the juice of one lemon and two oranges. They create the unique taste of this jam. Especially the lemon taste is indispensable as a counterweight to the sweetness of the carrots, the oranges and of course the jam sugar. Of course you are free to vary with the quantities of lemon and orange up to your own taste.

Optionally you can also add some freshly grated ginger. It creates also a good counterweight against the sweetness of the jam. A bittersweet symphony so to say!

Other resources for carrot jam inspiration can be found here:

I must admit, this was the first time I made jam since I was a child. Or to be really exact: the second attempt of the first time. In my first attempt I had mashed carrots and carrot syrup. So I do not have a lot of I can refer to as an alternative or substitute. the closest alternatives are:

Jam, jelly or marmalade?

Are you also confused with the difference between jam, jelly and marmalade? Isn’t it three different words for the same breakfast spread? As you can imagine, there is a difference and you will read about it here.


Jam is made of whole fruits, or the pulp of fruits. they are cooked with sugar and then thicken to a breakfast spread. Mostly you will have to use a special type of sugar to make it thicken: jam sugar.


For jelly, you will not use the fruits, but only the juice of the fruits. You have to make it in two steps: first you cook the fruit and extract a clear fruit juice. In a second step you cook this fruit juice with sugar to create a transparent jelly. Jelly dissolves faster than jam. You can also use it as a breakfast spread, but not in for example tarts. However it is perfect for sauces and gravy.


Marmalade is in fact a special type of jam. Oranges are the basic ingredient for marmalade. And the name stems from the Portuguese word marmelas. Typically you will also find some pieces of orange peel in them. They add pectin, which helps in thickening and give it the typical bittersweet taste. hast a great and very comprehensive overview to explain the difference between jam, jelly and marmalade.

But carrots are not fruits?

Carrots are not fruits, but vegetables. So if you are strict, none of the above descriptions fit for this recipe. There is just no word for a jam-kind of recipe made of vegetables. Maybe we should invent that! Feel free to send your proposals to

And lemon curd?

Well, lemon curd is again something completely different. The three main ingredients for lemon curd are lemons, eggs and butter. So the method for this breakfast spread is completely different. I want to use the opportunity to refer to my delicious fluffy lemon curd mousse. On of my favorite desserts, ready in less than 10 minutes.

If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on

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