easy Flemish gingerbread muffins

easy Flemish gingerbread muffins

These easy Flemish gingerbread muffins are a delicious variation on the Flemish gingerbread loaf. Perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea.
easy Flemish gingerbread muffins
easy Flemish gingerbread muffins

The recipe for these easy Flemish gingerbread muffins is almost the same as the one for the Flemish gingerbread I made some time ago. Only this time I used whole wheat flour. And I garnished them with sugar pearls. The major change is of course that I used muffin molds instead of a classical cake or bread mold. This affects the baking time also of course.

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About muffins

Muffins find their origin in the United States. They are small sandwiches or cakes for one person. In England, they are originally known as cupcakes: cakes that are baked in a cup. Traditionally cupcakes are prepared as sweet cakes. Muffins on the contrary are more hearty with fruits and so. But meanwhile both names are used for all these kinds of cakes.

Often you will see muffins with a paper sheet. But this is not necessary. In earlier times they used the papers to prevent them from sticking to the mold. But nowadays the materials for the molds are so good that the risk of stickiness in none when you grease well. The paper is not really needed anymore, unless for hygienic reasons.

Did you know that the first cupcake recipe was found in a cookbook of 1828? And that you can find these recipes still on the internet nowadays? If you want to make a cupcake with a recipe from 1828, you can try these ones:

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If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on gerechtenweb.blog.

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