crispy goldenbrown zucchini chips

crispy goldenbrown zucchini chips

These crispy goldenbrown zucchini chips with Parmesan are perfect as a snack or an appetizer: easy to make, healthy and surprising.
crispy goldenbrown zucchini chips
crispy goldenbrown zucchini chips

The appetizer season has started. Are you also in stress whilst thinking of an easy, healthy and surprising appetizer for your family or guests? Or are you just looking for a healthy snack to pass the evening while looking television? This crispy goldenbrown zucchini chips with Parmesan are perfect answer to your question. Try it and make it again. And again. And again…

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Most probably, you will still have some leftovers of the zucchini and the Parmesan mixture. While you are waiting for the zucchini to bake golden brown, you can make a delicious zucchini pancake with them. Just cut the zucchini slices into small pieces and add them together with an egg to the Parmesan mixture. Mix well and bake it as a pancake. This is a delicious way to use your leftovers instead of throwing them away.

The idea for making zucchini chips was already a long time on my to-do list. But you need a trigger to transition from thinking to doing. In this case it was a picture from Krystin from Lilluna that made me mouth watering. And so I started making these crispy goldenbrown zucchini chips.

More surprising.zucchini

You can eat zucchini all year over meanwhile. But for me they are typical summer vegetables. I remember when we grew them in the garden. We would eat zucchini for weeks only from a few plants. So here are some more surprising ideas to make delicious dishes with zucchini:

More surprising.appetizer

In the beginning I mentioned that the appetizer season is starting (in September). This means the days are getting shorter and it is getting colder outside. Instead of going out people gather with family and friends inside, and then of course you want to serve some delicious snacks. This culminates with Christmas and New year.

For many people this is quite stressy. Which snack or appetizer is easy and idiot-proof. You want to please your family and friends and not excuse yourself for some catastrophes in the kitchen. Check and make these recipes, and you will surprise yourself!

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