banana omelette for breakfast

banana omelette for breakfast

With this banana omelette for breakfast you have a strong start in the day. One banana, two eggs and ten minutes of time is all you need!
banana omelette for breakfast
banana omelette for breakfast

During the heatwave I got up much earlier than usual to enjoy the relatively moderate temperatures. During the peaks in the afternoon I introduced siesta. One advantage of this is that I had much more time for breakfast. And so I made this banana omelette for breakfast.

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Which bananas to take?

For this banana omelette I prefer to take ripe but not overripe bananas. They still contain a lot of starch, which is a good binding agent and ensures a firm consistency. And enough starch has been converted to sugar already to have the typical sweet banana taste.

If the banana is not ripe yet, you have more starch (and more work with the crushing). But you have more chances there is still a bitter taste, what most people do not prefer for breakfast. With a brown overripe banana on the contrary, you will have more sugar and less consistency. But for my teeth, this is then a bit too sweet.

And as a dessert?

You could also serve this banana omelette as a dessert or a snack. This will be delicious with some icing sugar and vanilla ice. But make sure that you serve it in smaller portions in that case. Make several small omelettes with ice cream and you will have a very popular dessert.

As a gluten-free pancake?

For people who have to follow a gluten-free diet, this is also a very good alternative to the classic pancake. This banana omelette for breakfast is already the borderline between omelette and pancake. You could just as well describe this breakfast as a gluten-free pancake.

More surprising.banana

Are you a bit adventurous in the kitchen? Then don´t throw away the peel of the banana! Soak the peels of your banana (preferably bio) in some water. In the evening you can make a delicious curry with the peel. I did this recently and it was a big success! In the article about the banana peel curry you will find a lot more hints and resources to make use of your banana peels. Did you know that there is even a (vegan) fan group on facebook? You can go to the banana peel association society with all your questions about banana peel!

I love banana for breakfast. Some more surprising.breakfast ideas with banana are:

With sweet and ripe banana you can also make lovely desserts:

We had breakfast, lunch and dessert already. But you can also use bananas for a starter or appetizer:

If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on

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