creamy peach gazpacho with almonds

creamy peach gazpacho with almonds

This creamy peach gazpacho with almonds is a very special alternative for the well known classic gazpacho with tomatoes. But it is super easy and tasty!
creamy peach gazpacho with almonds
creamy peach gazpacho with almonds

What tastes better on a warm summery than a healthy fresh and cold gazpacho? This is a very special variant with peaches. But this creamy peach gazpacho with almonds is so easy and ready in no time! I am quite sure now already that you wil not have enough!

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Let’s call this the standard version of the creamy peach gazpacho with almonds. Now you can make some variations if you want. If you like it hot, you may consider to add some cayenne pepper or a bit of spicy chili pepper. then it is cool and hot at the same time! Less spicy but also tasty is garlic. You can cook it with the carrot and the ginger or add it raw in the blender.

About gazpacho

Of course all of you know gazpacho as the cold tomato soup from Spain. It is very healthy and spiced with lots of vegetables and spices. Its origins are not completely clear, but presumably shepherds in Spain made it already more than 2000 years ago. It could be of Roman or Moorish origin.

Gazpacho has not always been red. And it doesn’t need to be red. This recipe is also a non red variant. The tomatoes started only to be a standard ingredient for gazpacho in the 19th century. In those times people also didn’t have a blender. They used to crush the vegetables and spices in a mortar. By using a blender you add a lot more air under the gazpacho. This will make it more creamy. If you don’t want that, you should use a mortar in the classical way.


On this website you cannot only find a lot of Over the years we also collected a lot of surprising.soups. The list below contains only a few of my favourites:

If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on

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