Köttbullar with parsley potatoes

Köttbullar with parsley potatoes

Köttbullar with parsley potatoes are a typical Swedish dish. Known from Ikea, but also easily made at home. Try different meatballs, try Swedish meatballs.
Köttbullar with parsley potatoes
Köttbullar with parsley potatoes

You cannot go to Ikea to eat köttbullar (yet), due to Corona restrictions. But of course you can make them at home. But of course you can make köttbullar with parsley potatoes at home. It is not difficult, and homemade recipes always taste better. Just because you made them yourself.

These Swedish meatballs have become world famous thanks to Ikea. I even know people who go to the store just to eat them. Now imagine this is something you bought at Ikea. Print out the recipe and put it next to the ingredients. Then puzzle and cook until everything is ready.

This recipe is based on my first experience with Hellofresh. You choose your meals and they deliver the ingredients at home. No harass anymore with masks and queues in the supermarket.

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About köttbullar

Köttbullar, or Swedish meatballs are world famous, thanks to Ikea and the Swedish cook of the muppet show. They are the Swedish national dish and you can snack them at every corner.

Of course, there is not one single recipe for köttbullar. Every Swedish family has its own special recipe. Traditionally they are spiced with “Allroundkrydda”, allspice. They are relatively small and most often eaten with lingonberry jam and boiled potatoes. In Sweden it is also a very classical dish to eat for Christmas.

About Hellofresh

Hellofresh is a Berlin startup company, that delivers the ingredients for your meal at home. I think they are meanwhile a global market leader in their area. Every week, you can select the recipes of your choice on their website. The fresh ingredients will then be delivered at home. They give you a 1 hour timeframe in which the delivery will take place. And indeed, they were delivered punctually, so that the cold chain was not interrupted.

In times of Corona, where working at home is the new standard, this is a very appealing concept to me. You are at home anyway, and can transform your normal commuting time into cooking time. You also do not need to worry anymore about the queue, the masks and the mimimum distance in the supermarket. The offer on the website and the good recipe cards motivate to try new and different dishes. I think the ingredient delivery concept will turn into a new habit, also after COVID-19.

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