passionate asparagus

passionate asparagus

Passionate asparagus are a super easy and surprising combination with the white gold of spring and passion fruit. Steamed “en papillotte” in the oven.
passionate asparagus
passionate asparagus

I am in love with this recipe for a few days already. I saw it on the social media streams of the Belgian foodblog cookameal, original title tropical asparagus (in Dutch). It inspired me so much that I have been making my versions of it for three consecutive days now. I made passionate asparagus out of it, that’s how I feel about this recipe :-).

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Of course, the cooking time is not fixed and may vary a bit according to asparagus, the oven you are using and of also how you like them most. With this method, “en papillotte”, it is of course a bit more difficult to check during the process. The first time, my asparagus were a bit smaller. But after 25 minutes on 180°C they were just al dente. The second time I had bigger ones, and I chose 40 minutes at 200°C. They were perfect!

Aluminum foil or baking paper?

Up to now, I always used aluminium foil for this kind of recipes. It is very easy to fold it hermetically. But during the preparations of this post I saw a discussion on a German blog about potential health issues. This discussion was ignited by a government warning about aluminium parts in deodorants. I am not sure whether this is a hoax or not. If you are doing this only once, I don’t think you should worry too much.

Alternatively you can use baking paper. In this case the folding is a bit more difficult. I would advise to also use some rope to make sure it doesn’t open up in the oven. You can check some folding techniques on the Belgian site (in Dutch).

No spring without asparagus. On surprising recipes it is a tradition to publish some surprising recipes with asparagus. Please check also the following ones, which are favourites of mine:

If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on

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