green pea soup with mint

green pea soup with mint

Green pea soup with mint is a tasty vegetarian alternative for the classical version with bacon. A typical green winter soup with a fresh taste of summer.
green pea soup with mint
green pea soup with mint

Today we are doing something green. On my balcony I have a mint plant that survived the winter. It is full of energy and growing fast. Usually I take the leaves for fresh mint tea. But I was thinking what else can I do with it? Then I had the idea of pimping up a green pea soup with mint. It adds a surprising fresh taste, be sure to try this!

You can have this soup as a starter. But I personally prefer to have it as a meal with some fresh baguette. This is perfect to wipe the last pieces of soup from your plate.

Do you like different kinds of soups? offers a lot of ideas for easy and tasty soups. Here are some of my favourites:

Of course, it does not happen a lot that you have an idea that has never been tried before. when researching I found inspiration in this German recipe. I like the combination with yellow onions and potatoes.

As always, you can find this and many other recipes on the Dutch twin version:

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