Paska - Slovak Easter bread

Paska – Slovak Easter bread

Easter marks the end of the fasting period. In the Eastern European countries Paska – Slovak Easter bread is a traditional food for Easter.
Paska - Slovak Easter bread
Paska – Slovak Easter bread

With Easter, the fasting period is over and people celebrate this with tasty food: (chocolate) eggs, lamb, … This tradition also exists in the Eastern European countries with a Christian tradition. This Paska – Slovak Easter bread is not only a tradition for Slovakia. But also in neighbouring countries like Poland and Ukraine. But my best colleague is coming from Slovakia. That country definitely deserves some more marketing. therefore I prefer to put it a bit more in the picture.

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You can even optically improve this Paska by putting some dough aside and by making a wreath or braid to top it. I did not do this because my handwork still has a lot of room for improvement.

You can also make the Paska without raisins. In that case it is very comparable to the French brioche. the cranberries are definitely not part of the standard recipes. But I had some leftovers from a previous recipe: gnocchi with cranberry sauce. I figured the cranberries could give it a very special and surprising touch.

Another great Slovakian recipe on is poultry liver with potato pancakes (zemiakove lokše). I had this on a business trip to Bratislava and was so inspired that I made it back at home.

Last year I made a delicious Biscoff-pear pie. This is an absolute favourite among family, friends and visitors of Although I consider this as a Belgian specialty (Lotus Biscoff cookies are Belgian) I found the inspiration on a Slovak blog: Blondie-ish at kitchen.

Different kinds of Easter bread are made in different regions of the world. Tasteatlas has a nice graphic overview of the different variations in different parts of the world.

If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on

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