gnocchi with cranberry sauce

gnocchi with cranberry sauce

Gnocchi with cranberry sauce is a delicous North-South combination with Italian and Finnish ingredients. Sweet&sour, and ready in no time.
gnocchi with cranberry sauce
gnocchi with cranberry sauce

Gnocchi with cranberry sauce is a delicious vegetarian North-South combination. This is something we love to do at, bringing together ingredients together in surprising combinations. the Gnocchi and the Parmezan are showcasing the Italian kitchen. Cranberries however are associated with Northern countries in Scandinavia. For me, cranberries stand for Finland. So here we combine the North of Finland and the South of Italy in one delicious recipe.

As a vegetarian recipe, it is of course very healthy. It is also ready in no time. This recipe proves that you can also use cranberries outside the Christmas period.

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About cranberries

Some people claim that cranberries are the healthiest food in the world. Healthy they are for sure. If you want a long discussion, mention it at the table 🙂

Cranberries grow in the northern latitudes, in cooler regions. That is why I associate them always with Scandinavia, more specifically Finland. But they are also very popular in North America and Canada.

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About gnocchi

Everybody knows that gnocchi are a typical Italian pasta type. Even the name could not be more Italian. People also call them potato pasta, as they are normally made from potatoes.

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Germany also has a very special type of potato pasta. They call it “Schupfnudel”. The English name is finger pasta, given their finger-like form. Some inspiration on

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