smoked mackerel on a leek stew

smoked mackerel on a leek stew

This starter of smoked mackerel on a leek stew with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes is easy and ready in no time. Perfect for Easter.
smoked mackerel on a leek stew
smoked mackerel on a leek stew

In times of Corona you have to work with the ingredients that are still available. So this is a recipe without toilet paper and pasta. But wíth fresh ingredients that not everyone is rushing at. This smoked mackerel on a leek stew could have been the perfect rehearsal for a starter for our Easter menu. Unfortunately, I guess I won’t make it home for Easter.

The leek stew is completed with some mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. For garnishing I used some bell pepper leftovers and shallot.

Instead of butter you can also use olive oil to bake the stew. But I chose for butter in this case as it adds more taste. I refrained from using other spices to keep the taste of the butter.

The bell pepper are in fact leftover from my previous recipe, English breakfast in a bell pepper. I didn’t use the top of it, and so it added perfectly to this recipe for colour and garnishing. the shallot also ads to the lovely taste.

With Easter we love to come together with the whole family. Although this year it might not be possible. Other great starters for your Easter menu are:

You can find the Dutch version of this and many other recipes on

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