African peanut stew

African peanut stew

This African peanut stew is vegan with carrots, sweet potatoes, bell pepper, spinach and of course peanuts. It brings North Africa on your plate.
African peanut stew
African peanut stew

A vegan stew based on peanuts? Such an interesting combination makes me curious and this is definitely something I need to try. Normally I associate stew with meat. But this vegan version, African peanut stew, is absolutely a must. I found the inspiration for this dish on veggiefunkitchen. This is a site that specialises in creating vegan version of classical recipes.

I was in doubt for a long time on how to classify this recipe. At first I felt it was a meal soup. And as mentioned before, I associate stew with meat. But I stay with my second thought: it is definitely a stew. The crunchy peanut bites convinced me finally.

I am not a hardcore vegetarian or vegan. But of course, also in this kind of cuisine you have very interesting and surprising recipes. That are of course also very tasty. For me, the criterium to judge is whether it is good food or not. Then it doesn’t matter whether is was with meat, or without meat or plant based.

How to measure peanut butter?

Measuring peanut butter (and similar substances) can be quite a mess. But on veggiefunkitchen I found a great tip to do this more efficiently. I first measured the vegetable broth. Then I recalibrated the scale and added the peanut butter to the broth. No sticking and no need for scraping!

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