Vegetarian orzo soup

Vegetarian orzo soup

This vegetarian orzo soup will give you energy and vitamines for the rest of the day. the Greek orzo pasta and fresh vegetables are healthy and give energy.
Vegetarian orzo soup
Vegetarian orzo soup

Do you also like a soup so full of vegetables that your spoon could so to say stand upright in it? Well this vegetarian orzo soup is like that! Loaded with vitamines it will make you strong for the rest of the day. No virus has any chance against this soup with tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, celery, spinach and so much more.

Additionally to the vegetables comes the orzo: looks like rice, tastes like pasta. I like to work with this Greek pasta a lot. On you will find a lot of other recipes using orzo. Just check below for an overview.

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As mentioned above, orzo is a Greek kind of pasta, made out of barley. It is also known under the names risen or kritharaki. Most often it is used in soups, salads or even risotto. I use it in a lot of recipes, for example:

Also for soups has a lot to offer. check out these recipes:

and many others… Just check and search on

The idea to make this soup comes from madame cuisine. This is a German blog about food and leisure that I can absolutely recommend! You can find a lot of inspiration on it.

If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on

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