parsley root

parsley root puree

Parsley root is a so-called forgotten vegetable. It has a stronger taste than parsnip. Together with mashed potatoes it makes a delicious puree.
parsley root puree
parsley root puree

Parsley root is a so-called forgotten vegetable. Just like parsnip used to be. But parsnip is meanwhile quite well known in our region. the little brother of this root, parsley root, is unfortunately less known. It is also less common and not every supermarket sells it. The taste is stronger and more outspoken than the taste of parsnip. It goes more in the direction of celeriac celery. Today I chose to make a parsley root puree.

You can use parsley root in different types of recipes. More or less the same kind of recipes where you would use parsnip or celeriac celery. You can use it in a puree with mashed potatoes like I did. Other typical recipes are soups, risotto or you can even fry them.

More background to parsley root

Parsley root is a winter vegetable, available in specialised stores from November to February (in my region). But keep in mind that it is a forgotten vegetable and will not be available in every supermarket.

Parsley root is not the same vegetable than the normal parsley we know, where we use the leaves. But it belongs to the same family. So at a next occasion I will try to use the root of the parsley in my garden. I am curious how that will taste!

More information on parsley root is available on fine cooking: synonyms, regions where they are grown and of course recipes! On Youtube you can find a video about “the other side of parsley”. The video also contains a surprising recipe to make chips out of them.

Try to use it also in combination with the pure mashed pumpkin I made some time ago. I think the taste combine very well together.

I served my parsley root puree together with a minute steak and Greek style mushrooms. They made a delicious meal together!

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  1. I like parsley roots better than parsnips, because I have noticed cooked parsnips develop a dryness in their mouthfeel I don’t like. Parsley roots, on the other hand, have a mouthfeel very similar to carrots, and I’m down with them 🙂 . Also, they make a good companion to mashed potatoes/potato puree, as you already mentioned.

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