juicy hamburger nest

juicy hamburger nest with cubed potatoes

This juicy hamburger nest with cubed potatoes is a surprising alternative for the classic dry burger in a dry bread. It is delicious.
juicy hamburger nest
juicy hamburger nest

I like burger, but most of the time I don’t like the bread in which they are served. It just doesn’t fit together, too dry, too whatever… In most cases, the burgers themselves are also much too done and are only a dry heap of meat with no taste in your mouth. So I started thinking about creating an alternative juicy burger without the obligatory bread. Just try this juicy hamburger nest with cubed potatoes and understand the difference!

I made kind of a bird’s nest out of the burger (see picture below). In the nest I placed the ingredients that are normally squeezed between the dry burger and the dry bread. The juice of the mushrooms and other ingredients prevents the burger from turning dry and makes it even more tasty!

You can use a glass or a can to shape the prepared burger into the form of a nest.

As a side dish I made a salad and crispy cubed potatoes. I made them a few months ago and they are very popular, with reason. It gives an extra crunchy bite to the burger.

The inspiration for this juicy hamburger nest with cubed potatoes comes from “tastemade“. This site has also a very good video on how to make this recipe. I can certainly recommend that as an additional advice.

The regular blog reader knows that “burger in a bread” is not my cup of tea. Earlier this year I made a surprising salmon burger with crispy potato pancakes. In that recipe I made crispy potato pancakes to go along with the burger.

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