blue cheese Brussels sprouts

blue cheese Brussels sprouts

blue cheese brussels sprouts with walnuts and prosciutto is a delicious and surprising autumn combination. The combination with blue cheese is perfect.
blue cheese Brussels sprouts
blue cheese Brussels sprouts

Can you use blue cheese and Brussels sprouts together in one recipe? At first sight they have nothing in common. But the combination works perfectly in this roasted dish: blue cheese Brussels sprouts.

I am really a fan of blue cheese. It has a very typical taste which gives a special flavour to any recipe. One of my favourite experiments with blue cheese is still my waffle recipe: Belgian blue cheese bacon waffles.

This time I added blue cheese to a combination that is already delicious in itself: roasted sprouts with walnuts and prosciutto. The crumbled blue cheese over the warm roasted ingredients will melt a bit and glue the ingredients together.

The inspiration for this recipe comes from an American foodblog: Queen of my kitchen. It is catalogued as an American recipe there, but I am a bit chauvinistic and declare it as a typical Belgian dish. The main actor comes quite clearly from Brussels. On my Dutch blog, “gerechtenweb“, people clearly recognise it as a typical autumn dish they like a lot. I also get a lot of advice for possible other variations. For example not cutting the sprouts completely and putting the blue cheese in the sprouts. Or if you don’t like blue cheese, you can also use old cheese.

Brussels sprouts are typical for autumn. Other surprising recipes with Brussels sprouts are:

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  1. Having made this and similar dishes involving brussels sprouts, I agree with your method roasting the sprouts in the oven. It makes a much tastier sprout – much less cabbagey 🙂

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