biscoff pear pie

biscoff pear pie

biscoff pear pie is an easy cake with surprising ingredients. The pear gives it a sense of autumn. It combines perfectly with the Belgian biscoff.
biscoff pear pie
biscoff pear pie

This Biscoff pear pie is typically autumn, and it could be typically Belgium. But a Slovak blog that I really like a lot inspired me for this recipe: Blondie-ish at kitchen. To honour her I also mention the Slovakian name of the recipe: Hruškový tart s karamelovými lotus sušienkami. The idea to combine the pears and the Lotus Biscoff caramel cakes is great. This surprising combination works perfectly and you just cannot stop eating it.

The pears and especially the famous Lotus biscoff caramel cookies are of course typically for Belgium. The pear growing industry is quite important in Belgium. A few years ago, economic sanctions against Russia hit the sector quite severely. Belgium exported a lot of pears to Russia. I decided to support the farmers by eating more pears.

As a Belgian living in Germany, I am always especially proud when these famous caramel cookies are served next to my coffee. Lotus Biscoff looks different, its taste is unique and its crunchiness surprises at every bite.

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Oh, maybe you can also check my famous Mac and Biscoff tiramisu. A great new dessert interpretation. It is something in between Mac&Cheese and tiramisu with the famous Lotus Biscoff cookies. You really should try that!

On my Dutch blog, I have another great dessert with pears, cooked in banana liquor: grasgroene peertjes.

Lotus Biscoff cookie
Lotus Biscoff cookie

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  1. It looks amazing, I´m glad you liked it as much as I do. Thanks for mentioning my blog, I am super happy you like it 🙂

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