crispy crunchy cubed potatoes

crispy crunchy cubed potatoes are the ideal side dish for a festive dinner. A welcome variation on the classic fries or croquettes.
crispy crunchy cubed potatoes
crispy crunchy cubed potatoes

Crispy crunchy cubed potatoes are the perfect side dish for a festive dinner. A crunchy and surprising variation for the classic fries or croquettes. And so easy to make! You will not believe it!

The most labour intensive part is peeling the potatoes and cutting them into cubes of approximately 1 cm. Then you need butter. First of all to grease a baking tray. Then melt some butter in a pan to grease the cubed potatoes. Add spices up to taste like oregano, rosemary, pepper, salt, paprika powder, … Spread the cubed potatoes evenly over the baking tray and grease the potatoes with the spiced melted butter. Put them for 30 minutes in an oven that is preheated at 220°C. Turn the potato cubes after 15 minutes and add the rest of the melted butter.

I served these crispy crunchy cubed potatoes recently with my famous coq au vin. Two French classic recipes on the table! But very important, serve them separately: the crunchy makes the difference and if you put them into the sauce the effect is gone.

You can make so many wonderful dishes with potatoes. They have much more to offer than just cooking, mashing or frying. If you wish, you can try these surprising recipes:

You can bake potato cubes in many different ways. You can fry them like fries, or bake them like potatoes. My favourite is to bake them in the oven, which is the most fashionable method nowadays. Another wonderful description with a lot of advice is from easypeasyfoodie of Eb Garagano. This is one of the best foodblogs I know, and I like to get inspired by her.

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  1. I like to make these, too, but use 2 other versions: for new potatoes, you can carve them to their final shape, then cook them in salt water for ten minutes, before frying them on the top of the stove. There you can choose between Butter, Ghee or olive oil.
    The other version is to just very slowly fry them in a pan. They become golden to medium brown and taste delightful on account of the maillard flavors.

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