easy vegetarian Greek pasta salad

This easy vegetarian Greek pasta salad is with olives, cucumber, feta and cherry tomatoes is delicious and can be made in less than 30 minutes.
easy vegetarian Greek pasta salad
easy vegetarian Greek pasta salad

I made this easy vegetarian Greek pasta salad for the colleagues in office earlier this week. You can easily prepare it the evening before at home, and then surprise your colleagues with it for lunch. This is something we do from time to time. Earlier this year I made a healthy breakfast cake with nuts, fruits and oatmeal.

I like Greek pasta. It looks like rice, tastes like pasta. It is also called orzo or rissoni. Orzo can be served alone; as a soup accompaniment; as part of a salad, a pilaf, or giouvetsi; or baked in a casserole. Orzo can be colored by saffron, chilies, and black beans to yield yellow, orange, or black pasta respectively. The color of the orzo stands out if it is mixed with other orzo colors or white rice, as in, for example, a white rice pilaf with orange orzo.

Don’t be afraid to buy a big package of Greek pasta. You will love it, and I have several delicious recipes for you to use it:

The idea for this recipe is based on my healthy lukewarm Greek pasta salad and a delicious recipe of the girl with the iron cast.

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