creamy zucchini soup

Are you also desperate for new ideas for the zucchini produce of your garden? This creamy zucchini soup with cheddar cheese is supereasy.
creamy zucchini soup
creamy zucchini soup

Are you also getting desperate with the zucchini produce of you garden? Are you also tired of eating zucchinis every day with the few traditional recipes? This creamy zucchini soup is an easy, welcome and surprising variation. With cheddar cheese and mixed up in the blender it is a complete new sensation.

Last week I was visiting my parents, and they were showing me their “collection” of zucchinis. I decided to help them out a bit, and take some home. This is always a bit challenging, because I am flying with only hand luggage. But I can assure you, there is no problem taking them through the security. I tested it on several occasions already, also with pumpkins.

the inspiration for this recipe came from a post in my FB-feed yesterday morning. By the evening it was already in my stomach. The surprising approach from the recipe on mylivecookbook is that it is made with cheddar cheese in the microwave, and then mixed up in the blender. By “cooking” the zucchini in the microwave, no flavours get lost. This is good, as they or not the most spicy vegetables in the world. After that, the zucchini are mixed up with cheddar cheese and broth in the blender. This makes the soup really creamy.

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