Easy poppy seed cake

This easy poppy seed cake was made to remember 50 years men on the moon.
easy poppy seed cake
easy poppy seed cake

Last Saturday it was 50 years ago that the first men landed on the moon. You must have been living on Mars if you haven’t noticed. All the (social) media have been publishing many different stories on this Remembrance Day. On the radio, all songs were somehow connected to the topic moon. So I made this easy poppy seed cake connected to the moon.

The connection is Dutch. the Dutch word for poppy seeds is “maanzaad”, which means “moon seeds” if you translate it literally. So I decided to make this “lekker eenvoudige maanzaadcake” to remember 50 years men on the moon. The original inspiration comes from a German site einfacherezepte. However I must warn you, as this site contains more advertising than recipe.

I like making surprising cakes. Two other examples I made recently and of which I am very proud are:

At the beginning of the article I mentioned that the radio was playing “songs of the moon” the whole day. I heard some really good songs from long time ago. Below you can listen to my personal favourite songs of the moon.

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