mini fried eggs

mini fried eggs

Question of the day: how do you make three mini fried eggs out of one normal chicken egg?
mini fried eggs
mini fried eggs

This is the question of the day: how do you make three mini fried eggs out of one normal chicken egg? Separating the white and the yolk of the egg is quite common, easy and well known. But splitting the egg yolk in three parts without making a mess needs some extra inspiration. However, the answer is quite simple, and it is in your freezer.

After one night in the freezer, your egg will be completely frozen. Before peeling it, shock it shortly in some warm water. This makes it easier to peel. Once it is peeled, you can cut it into slices with a sharp knife and bake them in a preheated pan. The white will deflate a bit after thawing, and then bake like a normal fried egg.

I served the mini fried eggs on small toasts. You can have them as a breakfast or as part of a brunch. You can also serve them as an appetizer or side dish.

I had the inspiration from a Pinterest pin, and of course wanted to try it immediately. There are a lot more special and inspiring egg recipes in that movie, so maybe it will show up in further surprising recipes.

Another surprising fried egg recipe is to bake the fried egg in a bell pepper ring. Please check the post “egg island in a bell pepper ring” for that.

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