machineless homemade vanilla ice

Machineless homemade vanilla ice

a surprisingly simple method to make vanilla ice at home without even using an ice-cream machine
machineless homemade vanilla ice
machineless homemade vanilla ice

I never thought of making ice cream at home. Too much work, and I didn’t want to invest in a machine that I only use occasionally. But once more, the weather is terribly hot, and then a cool ice cream sounds very tasty. And then I found the recipe from Emmi kocht einfach to make ice cream without a machine. Of course I was tempted immediately, and you can prepare it in no time. You just have to put it one night in the fridge to let it freeze. So there was the idea for my machineless homemade vanilla ice.

This is a very basic recipe, with only three ingredients. Nevertheless it tastes lovely. And once you have this recipe, you can start experimenting on your own with other ingredients. I am not really into very sweet tastes, and this was on the borderline for me. I added some mint and raspberries for serving to have a counterweight.

It is also the first time I found an acceptable usage for sweetened condensed milk. Though I liked it as a child, it is much too sweet for me now. But it makes a perfect ice-cream, and was the surprising ingredient for this recipe.

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A few months ago, I described how to make the perfect whipped cream for the lemon curd mousse. You may read it and use the same advice for whipping the cream for this machineless homemade vanilla ice.

I put the box for the ice-cream in the freezer before I started to make the ice-cream. It is better that is has cooled down already before you pour in the mixture.

I used vanilla paste for this recipe. However you can also use vanilla essence or even better, scrape a fresh vanilla stick. See the picture in the tiled gallery. You can find the sugared condensed milk amongst the other coffee related products. You can find a picture of the one I used in the tiled gallery.

And click here for the Dutch version on Gerechtenweb.

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