Salmon burger with crispy potato pancakes

Salmon burger with crispy potato pancakes

A stunning and delicious combination of salmon burgers with potato pancakes instead of the traditional bread in which they are served.
Salmon burger with crispy potato pancakes
Salmon burger with crispy potato pancakes

I had the idea to make a salmon burger when I saw the Belgian television cook Jeroen Meus making it in his program “Dagelijkse kost“. I liked the idea, but I don’t like the bread in which burger are traditionally served: too dry, too weak, too whatever, I don’t think it fits to the burger. So I started thinking of something else.

As I live in Germany, there is no way to escape “Kartoffelpuffer“: kind of a thick pancake made of rasped potato. I thought it might be a good idea to use them instead of bread. I am very happy, because it really works great with the salmon burger!

The salmon and the potato are the main actors in this recipe. And stunningly, they are both prepared in almost the same way. Both are mashed or rasped. Herbs, binder and egg finish both of them before kneading them into the right shape.

I used the potato pancakes as the “bread” to serve the burger in. I finished the dish with some cherry tomatoes and a salad mix. Then you can enjoy it with a glass of white wine.

You can also use the salmon mass to make a snack or appetizer. Roll balls out of them and bake these. To get some inspiration, please have a look at these fishballs with cilantro. If you are interested in a completely different kind of potato pancake, please check this poultry liver with potato pancake. This is a Slovakian specialty.

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