refreshing coconut polenta cake with lemon

Refreshing polenta coconut cake with lemon

This refreshing polenta coconut cake with lemon is very easy and surprising. The combination of polenta, coconut rasp and lemon in the cake creates a sensation for the mouth and the eye.
refreshing coconut polenta cake with lemon
refreshing coconut polenta cake with lemon

I had some polenta leftover in my kitchen. So I was looking for a creative way to use it in a recipe. On Homemadeandyummy I found a vibrant cake recipe with polenta. I used all the leftovers I found, with also rests of almond powder and coconut rasp. Together they form a refreshing polenta coconut cake with lemon. The combination of lemon and coconut is wonderful, and the polenta gives this cake its typical yellow colour.

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You can vary between the quantities of coconut rasp and almond powder. It changes the texture of the cake from smoother (more coconut) to thicker (more almond powder). However, I would not recommend to use less almond powder than in my recipe. I think the risk that it will fall apart afterwards will be too big in that case.

About polenta

Polenta Is a North-Italian specialty made of ground cornmeal. That’s also where the typical yellow colour is coming from. It can be cooked (see my Pangasiusfilet with Polenta), grilled, used in a porridge or pudding, and also be used in a cake. It is used to replace flour in gluten free cake recipes.


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