duo of healthy dip sauces

Duo of healthy dip sauces

Two healthy dip sauces. One based on tuna-mascarpone and the other one is based on bell pepper-feta cheese. Easy and healthy appetizers for your dinner.
duo of healthy dip sauces
duo of healthy dip sauces

This duo of healthy dip sauces is perfect to start a dinner with your guests. They are healthy and easy to make. It gives you appetite for the rest of the dinner, and activates the stomach. This is exactly what appetizers should do. Duo means that we have two different dip sauces that are very easy to make in the recipes below. The one on the left is a tuna-mascarpone mixture. On the right we have a surprising combination of bell pepper and feta cheese.

This duo of dip sauces were also part of the dinners for Christmas and New Year. I combined them with the yummy snack with gingerbread, apple and wild pate and the celery snack with roquefort and walnut. After the appetizers we continued with smoked salmon blinis. After that we had a long pauze and then we had the pork medaillons wrapped in farm ham  with a spicy curry cream sauce.

The inspiration for the dip sauces comes from a German booklet with easy party recipes. I bought it once in a sale, and I like to take a look at it when I need some inspiration.

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