Chicken chowmein

Chicken Chowmein

Chicken chowmein is an easy chinese/nepalese stir fry wok recipe. you can make it with many variations of vegetables and with different kinds of meat.
Chicken chowmein
Chicken chowmein

Chicken chowmein is a nepales/chinese wok recipe that one of my favourite dishes when I am on Holiday in Nepal. You will find it mainly in restaurants with Tibetan or Buddhist owners. There is not one specific recipe, but you are free to experiment yourself. Below you will find my version of it. Another one of my favourite Nepali dishes is Malai Kofta. this comes the southern neighbours in India.

I made this chicken chowmein with rice noodles, as I had them available. The more classical version is normally made with wheat noodles. If you have no noodles available, you may also use spaghetti or linguine.

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As you might notice on the pictures, I use a Bora herd to cook. the special thing about it is that you don’t need a hood. It prevents the vapors from going up, as the current takes them down. It has a lot of advantages and is very easy. I am a great fan of this surprising innovation.

Last time in Kathmandu, we wanted to have dinner in a local restaurant on our last evening. This is not so easy, as all restaurants in Thamel focus on tourists. But finally we found the Potala restaurant in some small sidewalk. We had a great local meal there 🙂

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If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on

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