fishballs with cilantro

fishballs with cilantro

fishballs with cilantro
fishballs with cilantro

Fishballs with cilantro are a perfect snack or side dish for parties or hot weather periods. As the hot weather continues, we continue with a third hot weather comparable dish, after the ceviche and the watermelon-strawberry salad.

the inspiration for these fishballs comes from Veena Azmanov. It is something different from the classical meatballs, and I like the combination with the cilantro. Thanks to Veena I now also understand the difference between cilantro and coriander. Coriander are in fact the seeds of the cilantro plant. In dutch we have only one word for both, so up to now recipes with cilantro/coriander have been confusing sometimes.

Many kinds of white fish can do for this recipe. As Pangasius is currently my favourite fish, I used this one for the fishballs. Previous recipes for which I used Pangasius: ceviche and Pangasius in tomato-saffron sauce.

You can eat the fishballs warm or cold with a more or less spicy sauce, as you wish. As it is pefectly preparable beforehand, they can also be a good snack for parties.

Meanwhile you still have an egg yolk that wasn’t used. You can mix it with the remaining breadcrumbs and also bake it in the pan. Your guests might wonder what that single yellow ball is about 🙂

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