Cappelletti con passata

Cappelletti con passata

A fast and easy vegetarian summer lunch! This cappelletti con passata is ready in less than 20 minutes and a perfect lunch for hot summer days.
cappelletti con passata
Capelletti con passata

This cappelletti con passata is a very easy and vegetarian Italian pasta recipe. As it is so easy, it is an evergreen on my summer menu. It is indeed still one of my favorite easy vegetarian summer lunches, ready in less than 20 minutes. A few quality ingredients in the right mixture create a great and simple vegetarian recipe. And of course a cool Italian wine completes the whole picture!

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About Cappelletti

Cappelletti is one of the countless different Italian types of pasta. They originate from the region of Emilia-Romagna, around the cities of Modena and Bologna. You can translate cappelletti in English as little hats. This is also what they look like with their rounded shape. In the middle ages they were a luxury pasta for aristocratic families.

Just like for example tortellini cappelletti pasta is a stuffed pasta type. Typically they are filled with meet (beef or chicken) or cheese, for example with a ricotta-spinach filling. For this vegetarian version we used of course the cheese variant. Nowadays you might also find them with a walnut filling as a vegetarian alternative for meat.

About passata

Passata is an uncooked tomato sauce, strained from seeds and skin. You may also find it as passato or passata di pomodori. Or in English, strained tomatoes. Tomato sauce or paste are normally cooked. But if you prefer the taste of fresh tomatoes, you should opt for passata. Another argument for passata: it contains no added ingredients, unlike other tomato products. Therefore you will experience the real taste of fresh tomatoes. It fits perfectly in many Italian dishes that go for a delicious taste with a few honest ingredients. That is also the reason why I prefer to use it in this cappelletti con passata: it is honest and straightforward in this easy and delicious recipe.

More surprising.Italian

The Italian kitchen is famous worldwide for its easy but delicious recipes. A few high quality ingredients with some fresh pasta is all you need. Here are some more Italian inspired recipes that might interest you:

The original version of this recipe goes back to my Dutch blog “gerechtenweb“, already back in 2007.

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