filled persimmon

filled persimmon

This filled persimmon is kind of a dark horse for your Christmas dessert. An unknown beauty perfect to surprise everyone!
filled persimmon
filled persimmon

Are you looking for a surprising dessert for for Christmas, New Year or any other festive occasion? Then take a look at this filled persimmon. This fruit is much too much an unknown beauty. But it has such a delicious sweetness!!! Everybody will love this dessert and you will have no stress in making it. You can, have, to make it beforehand and it is ready in no time. So you can enjoy the time with family and friends!

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About persimmon

I admit, I didn’t know persimmon either until a few years ago when my mother used it in a fruit salad. But this was a starting point for me to discover this delicious exotic fruit. Persimmons exist in different varieties, but the best known is the Asian or Japanese persimmon. Sometimes it is also described as the kaki fruit. South East Asia is also where they come from and were they are mostly grown: China, Japan, Korea, In Europe they are also grown in Spain.

How to describe the taste? Well, think of a combination of apricot, honey and apple and you are going in the right direction. It is sweet, fresh and fruity with a bite. It is important that you buy ripe persimmons. If they are not ripe, they will taste bitter and unpleasant. It is like with bananas and many other fruits: by ripening glucose is formed which make them taste so sweet.

Persimmons are typically eaten in the period from September until December. That is why filled Persimmon is the perfect choice for your Christmas dinner dessert.

As I mentioned before, my mother made it once in a fruit salad. Maybe I will post something like that also, later this season. Apart from this filled persimmon I also made a persimmon smoothie. That one is perfect after Christmas to clean your body with a tasty smoothie from all those calories.

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