mango coconut milk mousse

mango coconut milk mousse

Are you looking for a dessert that is simple, healthy, tasty and quick to prepare in advance? You are looking for this exotic mango coconut milk mousse!
mango coconut milk mousse
mango coconut milk mousse

Are you looking for a simple and delicious dessert? Do you also want to be able to prepare it in advance? And besides, of course, it should also be healthy? Then this exotic mango coconut milk mousse is the dessert you are looking for!

Back in 2017, this was the second in a series of three healthy and surprising desserts. The first one was an avocado kiwi cocoa smoothie. The series ended with a papaya coconut parfait. Now, in 2020 I restyled the recipe with new photos and a recipe card, but I kept the original recipe.

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The biggest job for this dessert is definitively peeling the mango. After that you’re almost finished. Transfer everything to the blender, mix well and pour the cream into the glasses. Then you will need at least three hours in the refrigerator to have this perfect mousse.

For finishing and garnishing you have lot of options. You can use various sorts of red fruit (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, ….) a leave of mint and perhaps some whipped cream. Recently, someone suggested lychees and pomegranate to me. This would make it really exotic. You can pimp up the mousse with some cayenne pepper (spicy variant) or cinnamon (a sweeter taste). Oh yes, almond flakes or coconut rasp also work very well for garnishing. You may even make the glasses extra festive by garnishing them with some coconut rasp.

Since this is a dairy free version, you can also serve it to people on a vegan diet. If you decide to use cream instead of coconut milk, it is still vegetarian but not vegan anymore.

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