Fiskasúpa - Icelandic fish soup

Icelandic fish soup – Fiskasúpa

This comforting Fiskasúpa is full of vitamins and energy. The exotic ingredients add to the contradictions of this fire and ice country.
Fiskasúpa - Icelandic fish soup
Fiskasúpa – Icelandic fish soup

Recently I was in Reykjavik, and in a newly opened “Icelandic Street Food” restaurant I had a real good shellfish soup. So I looked for a recipe for an Icelandic fish soup – Fiskasúpa to do this at home.

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About Fiskasúpa

I fell in love with Fiskasúpa – Icelandic fish soup after I ran the marathon in Reykjavik. I ran this beautiful marathon in a beautiful scenery with beautiful weather. So, everything perfect. But after the marathon you need some light meal and a lot of fluids to regenerate. I had a lovely shellfish soup in a small street food restaurant. It made the day perfect!

So, at home I started some research for similar recipes to repeat this experience at home. Without repeating the marathon of course! So I made this fish soup in honor of Iceland and the marathon of Reykjavik.

There is not “the” or one single recipe for Fiskasúpa. Everybody can make his or her own variation. Of course, the fish should be typical for Iceland. But for the rest you are free to make your own interpretations. With the sherry, the white wine and the saffron I added some more exotic ingredients for a deeper taste. Iceland is a country of contradictions with ice and fire. And therefore the exotic ingredients should add tot these contradictions.

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