curry pork stew with pineapple and bell pepper

pork curry with pineapple and bell pepper

Ready in 30 minutes and so tasty: this pork curry with pineapple and bell pepper is destined to be your mid of the week meal.
pork stew with a curry of pineapple and bell pepper
pork stew with a curry of pineapple and bell pepper

Are you looking for inspiration for a simple midweek dish that is ready quickly? Then definitely try this pork stew with a curry of pineapple and bell pepper. This very tasty wok dish will be on your plate in half an hour. And it lends itself very well to leftover processing.

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Tips and variations for this pork curry with pineapple and bell pepper


Since it is a midweek recipe, you should not immediately use a pork tenderloin. I usually use goulash meat for this curry. Alternatively, you can also use strips or finely chopped minute steaks.


I used spring onions because I had them at home. Alternatively, you can of course use a classic white onion. Of course it has no green parts that you can use for the garnishing. In that case, consider parsley, coriander or chives for decorating.

I mainly used the red pepper for the color. People also eat with their eyes. But green, yellow or orange are of course perfectly possible as an alternative. You can also use a pointed pepper. Personally, however, this is a bit too sweet for me. But if you have a sweeter taste, consider this also as a good alternative.

The liquids: vegetable stock and pineapple juice

No curry without liquid. Since I used canned pineapple for the sake of convenience, I also used the juice for the curry. If you use fresh pineapple, increase the amount of vegetable broth to 250ml.

You can also use coconut milk as an alternative to vegetable stock. Then also use some lemon juice to create even more contrasting flavors.

As a side: brown rice

I like to serve this curry with brown rice. Also for practical reasons. It needs to cook for 25 to 30 minutes. I’ll put that on first. And by the time the rice is ready, the curry is usually ready as well. Handy to serve.

About curry

When you say curry, you think almost automatically about India, and by extension Asia. And that is completely right. The first curries probably date back to the third millennium BC. So we are already counting back 5,000 years! A curry traditionally consists of a mixture of herbs, spices, many vegetables and sometimes meat. Dry curries are cooked with very little moisture until the spices stick to vegetables and any meat. A wet curry has more of the character of a sauce due to the use of water and/or coconut milk.

The word “curry” is probably derived from the word Kari in Tamil. This means something like sauce or enjoying rice.

More surprising.curry

I like curries. Throw everything in the pan or wok and create a delicious one-pan dish. In addition to this pork with a curry of pineapple and bell pepper, you will find a whole range of similar dishes on Often served on weekdays:

But during weekend I like to prepare some very special curry. Like for example:

If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on

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