easy Brussels sprouts stew

easy Brussels sprouts stew

This easy Brussels sprouts stew is a typical January dish to recover from December: easy, healthy, budget friendly and above all very tasty!
easy Brussels sprouts stew
easy Brussels sprouts stew

I made this easy Brussels sprouts stew for the first time back in 2011. So it has some history. I first published it on gerechtenweb.blog. A few years later, in 2015, I translated it to English for surprising.recipes. This year, 2020, I reworked both posts with new pictures and a recipe card.

The original idea comes from a leaflet of a campaign in Belgium against cancer (Kom op tegen kanker). For me, this is a typical recipe for January. It is easy, very healthy, budget friendly and above all very tasty. A big contrast with the festive meals of December.

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About Brussels sprouts

Just like Belgian endives, Brussels sprouts are typical Belgian vegetables. The name alone refers to the Belgian capital, where this cabbage was first commercialized at around 1857. But the origin of the vegetable is the Mediterranean area. Presumably the Romans brought them more North. In the 18th century French settlers then brought them to America, in Louisiana. Currently the production in America is most in California and to a lesser extend in Skagit Valley, Washington and Long Island, New York. (Brussels-sprouts.com)

As I mentioned before, I was inspired to make this dish by a leaflet of a campaign against cancer. And this is no coincidence. Brussels sprouts are very healthy! One of the most outstanding benefits are their impressive antioxidant content. This reduces oxidative stress for your cells and reduce the risks of chronic diseases. And this antioxidants also help especially against cancer. Some studies show that Brussels sprouts increase the enzymes for detoxification with up to 30%. Other advantages are:

  • they contain a lot of fiber.
  • richness in vitamin K.
  • help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  • ALA omega-3 fatty acids
  • reduction of inflammation
  • high in vitamin C
  • they contain a lot of nutritients.
  • lowering the risk for heart diseases.
  • plant based source of protein.
  • they should strengthen your bones.
  • help to prevent birth defects (a hot tip if you are planning your family!)
  • prevent eye damage
  • make your skin glow


More surprising.Brusselssprouts

So, we know now that we should eat a lot of Brussels sprouts to keep our body into a good shape. But although this easy Brussels sprouts stew is delicious, you may want to bring some variation in your menu. Well here are some additional recipes you can use:

If you speak Dutch, you can find the Dutch version of this recipe on gerechtenweb.blog.

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