Mexican style chocolate chicken

Mexican style chocolate chicken

Get Mexico into your kitchen! This surprising Mexican style chocolate chicken is delicious and easy to prepare. Everybody will like it!
chocolate chicken
chocolate chicken

This time I have a special combination with Mexican roots.  Chicken, chocolate, wine, cinnamon, raisons, all into one dish and surprisingly delicious: Mexican style chocolate chicken. The recipe was created by Chakall, a well known Argentine cook living in Germany for a long time. Nowadays he has some restaurants in Portugal.

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You can make everybody happy with chocolate. Regardless of the course, (breakfast, lunch, dessert, …) people will always like it. We have some surprising ideas with chocolate on

Melting pot of chocolate and Baileys is a more than delicious lava cake based on chocolate and Baileys. This is a recipe of the early days of “gerechtenweb” (the original Dutch version of But it is still the favorite dessert for many of our family members!

On the 17th of March the Irish People remember Saint Patrick’s Day. It is the national Holiday of Ireland. Then you can start the day with these Guinness Pretzel truffles. These are truffles based on Guinness and delicious chocolate.

You can also make chocolate waffles. In Black Belgian waffles, Black Forest style we made Belgina waffles with the typical ingredients of a Black Forest cake: cocoa, kirsch and cherries. Delicious with a lot of cream!

Chocolate pairs also extremely well with bananas. This pistachio chocolate banana sushi is one of the most easy and delicious dessert you can imagine.

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