Melting pot of chocolate and baileys

Melting pot of chocolate and baileys

This melting pot of chocolate and baileys is the best dessert ever made, according to the daughters of my sister. A caloric bomb, but soo yummy!

This is one of my evergreens, and probably the most popular desert I ever made.  Originally I posted it on my dutch website, already back in 2007.  Now I decided to set up an international version, and the ‘melting pot of chocolate and baileys’ is the first one I post here..

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  1. Hi! What equivalent to cake jars and almond powder would we have here in England?? Thank you

    1. Hi Theresa, sometimes I also make it with walnuts or hazelnuts or I even add some cocos rasp for a different flavour. I am not quite sure what you mean with the cake jars. Do you mean the forms in which they are made? warm regards, Toon

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